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Xi: Virus victory proof of party’s ‘superiority’


Chinese President Xi Jinping extolled the Communist Party’s “superiority” as well as tenacious leadership on Tuesday morning as he proclaimed China’s “resounding success” in the epic struggle against Covid-19. 

Xi told a packed auditorium inside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing that the fact the pandemic was successfully contained in China, while the novel coronavirus continued spread through other countries, was compelling proof of the merits of China’s socialist system. 

The leader said China’s political and social systems had been put to the test in a speech at a top-level commendation ceremony also attended by Premier Li Keqiang, all other standing members of the party’s high-powered Politburo as well as more than 3,000 representatives. He said the way the party and the nation had mobilized people, ramped up the production of vital supplies and coordinated the effort to fend off the disease and save lives showcased the manifold advantages of the party’s approach.

“China is the first major economy to have recuperated from the crisis and achieved economic recovery, a testimony to its resilience and vibrancy… China has emerged stronger and its people are more confident and patriotic than ever,” said Xi, to a thunder of applause from the audience as seen in a simulcast by state broadcaster China Central Television. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the Covid-19 epicenter Wuhan, Hubei province, on March 10. Photo: AFP

In his speech, Xi also jabbed “certain countries” for seeking to “besmirch China’s efforts and goodwill and shift the blame of their own undoing in fighting Covid.” He argued that China had been “transparent all along” in sharing pandemic information with the world, which “helped save tens of millions of lives around the world.”


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