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WATCH | Shaun Pollock gives expert chipping display from his house


South Africans have been forced to find creative ways to be entertained through the lockdown that has come as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

From working out in the garden to doing puzzles and spending quality time with the family, self-isolation has encouraged people to find new ways to get through the day. 

It has all made for some rather entertaining videos on social media, and on Saturday, former Proteas captain Shaun Pollock gave us a glimpse into how he has been spending his time. 

Known for being one of South African cricket’s more handy golfers, Pollock posted a video to his social media channels in which he chips a golf ball off of four cricket bats before it lands in a cup. 

Pollock didn’t elaborate on how many takes it took before he landed the perfect shot, but we can only imagine that it was a few!

Pollock, now 46, played 108 Tests, 303 ODIs and 12 T20s for his country in an international career that started in 1995 and ended in 2008. 



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