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Venice’s famed gondoliers rowing for the elderly


The famed gondoliers of Venice, are known for their romantic sojourns through the canal city, as well as gouging foreign tourists with exorbitant rates.

How time and a pandemic can change things.

Now a group of altruistic women — whose mission is preserving the distinctly Venetian tradition of rowing traditional, hand-crafted wooden gondolas — are redirecting their efforts amid the pandemic to serve their community, Laurie Baratti of Travel Pulse reported.

Members of the all-female, non-profit “Row Venice” are applying their skills in delivering groceries to Venice’s elderly residents, as well as others who’re unable to shop for themselves, via the city’s famous waterways, revealed Travel + Leisure.

These volunteer gondoliers are doing the dual service of delivering organic produce to Venetians with no other means to obtain it and transporting fruit and vegetables from a farmhouse located outside the city, the report said.

Customers in the historic center and Giudecca can place their orders online, and they’ll arrive directly via gondola, the group noted on its Instagram page.

Situated on the coast of northern Italy, the region in which Europe’s Covid-19 outbreak originated, Venice is among the areas where the Italian government is now preparing to ease its quarantine restrictions, the report said.

The country has been under strict lockdown orders since March 9, 2020, with citizens subject to stringent regulations on leaving their homes.


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