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Trump has savage hate campaign in store for Biden


After making one of the greatest comebacks in modern American political history, Joe Biden has all but disappeared from public view. With most of the country locked down over the coronavirus pandemic, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is handicapped in building enthusiam and in fundraising.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s campaign is sitting on a huge pile of cash and the president himself is center stage with his daily news briefings.

Yet Biden’s polling numbers versus Trump look stronger than ever and Republicans are worried.

Political operatives and observers caution that it’s a long time until November, and remind us that at this point in 2016, Hillary Clinton had an ever bigger lead. But there are factors that say what worked for Trump then are less likely to work now.

Trump practices the politics of grievance and resentment, appealing to whites who feel their place diminished in an increasingly polyglot nation. He also won votes in 2016 from other Americans who were disgusted with what they saw as corruption and self-dealing by the leaders of both the democratic and republican parties. Those voters wanted a clean sweep.

Trump was masterful at caricaturing his opponents with belittling nicknames, and at demonizing them with invective only loosely – if at all – tied to facts.

Hillary Clinton proved to be Trump’s ideal foil. Campaigning in a year in which national sentiment was running heavily against established politicians, Clinton was the embodiment of the species. She was seen as insincere, arrogant and too slippery by half.

The revelation that while secretary of state she had used private e-mail for official business – against government policy – only reinforced people’s doubts about her integrity. Polling in mid-2016 showed that 55% of voters viewed her unfavorably, while only 41% had a favorable opinion.


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