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Russia’s iconic T-34 tank to retake the streets of Moscow


Russia’s venerable T-34 tank — the lethal weapon that helped crush Hitler in World War II — is making a comeback of sorts.

This week, a number of Soviet T-34/85 tanks were spotted on the streets Moscow staging exercises to prepare for the upcoming Victory Day parade, making the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, known as the Great Patriotic War to the Russians.

According to a report from Peter Suciu at The National Interest, the Russian Ministry of Defence released a video that highlighted the arrival of the tanks, and announced that servicemen from the 1st Tank Army would be training to create crews for the tanks during the upcoming celebration.

According to, which quoted official information, “the repaired tanks include vehicles that participated in the operation to take Berlin in 1945.”

The news sources didn’t state exactly how many tanks will participate in the upcoming Victory Day parade, which according to the Kremlin will not be postponed despite the spread of Covid-19 in the Russian capital — even as 440 new cases of the coronavirus were reported earlier this week, the report said.

The event is still scheduled to take place at Moscow’s Red Square on May 9.

The Soviet T-34 tank was the most-produced tank of all nations involved in the Second World War. Credit: Handout.

It would be difficult to know for certain if any of the particular T-34 tanks that will be used in the parades did in fact take part in the Battle of Berlin in 1945, the report said.

By the end of the war, the Soviets produced 57,339 of the T-34s – and those accounted for 55% of the entire Soviet Red Army’s tank force. It was the most-produced tank of all nations involved in the Second World War, the report said.


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