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More new cases in Wuhan as fears grow of fresh wave


China reported a second day of new cases of coronavirus in Wuhan on Monday after a month without new infections at the pandemic’s global epicenter, offering a stark warning of the dangers of a fresh wave.

The virus first emerged late last year, sweeping through the city and surrounding Hubei province, killing thousands and sickening many more.

It subsequently spread around the world.

Authorities in Wuhan imposed draconian restrictions on travel and movement in what appeared to have been a successful bid to quash the outbreak.

That lockdown began to ease in recent weeks, as authorities said the disease was under control, most recently with children returning to school, and travel to and from the city allowed.

But on Sunday authorities acknowledged one person had tested positive for the virus in Wuhan, and a day later, they said there were five more cases.

Local health officials said the new cases were all from the same residential compound, mostly older people.

There were also 11 new “asymptomatic” cases reported in wider Hubei province. China is recording symptomatic and asymptomatic cases separately.


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