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McGregor pummels China over ‘inhumane behavior’


China has taken some major punches from UFC star Conor McGregor.

The Irish fighter has ripped into the “barbaric” Chinese government for “ludicrously inhumane behavior,” after a report by a report by RTE claimed that some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) delivered from China to the Emerald Isle did not conform to the required safety standards, TalkSport reported.

McGregor has been particularly vocal on social media in urging his followers to stay at home and remain vigilant, whilst donating huge sums of his own money to help fight the coronavirus, the report said.

And it is fair to say the 31-year-old was less than impressed with the PPE delivered to Ireland.

“Truly horrendous,” he wrote. “Not only are the prices being raised by these people on all our items.

“Masks, visors, gloves, ventilators, respirators, oxygen containers, screen monitors, you name it. All jacked in price.

“The batches coming in are now of no use! Ludicrously inhumane behavior.”

Commenting on another post he saw from Fine Gael leader Leo Varadker which suggested the two countries would be working closely together, McGregor called the Chinese “barbaric.”


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