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Eastern Cape ANC councillor resigns as chief whip after drunk driving arrest


The ANC in the Eastern Cape’s Chris Hani district welcomed the resignation of its chief whip in the municipality after he was arrested for drunk driving.

Madoda Papiyana was arrested on Friday for driving under the influence of alcohol and for failing to uphold the lockdown regulations. He allegedly refused to stop at a roadblock, and was subsequently chased down, EWN reported.

Chris Hani regional secretary Lusanda Sizani said in a statement that the ANC leadership in the region, of which Papiyana is the regional treasurer, was dismayed that he allegedly transgressed the lockdown regulations and thereby “compromised the integrity of the movement and its deployees”.

“As the organisation, we wish to appreciate the posture projected by [Comrade] Papiyana to voluntarily resign and view it as an act of remorse and respect of the responsibilities attached to the Office of the Chief Whip,” Sizani said in the statement.

According to Sizani, Papiyana tendered his resignation as chief whip over the weekend, and the regional executive committee accepted it.

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“[Comrade] Papiyana would also convey his sincere apology to the President of the Republic, the Premier of the Eastern Cape, the Executive Mayor of CHDM, the entire people of the District and the country at large,” reads Sizani’s statement.

Furthermore, the regional executive committee will request the provincial executive committee to institute an internal investigation and to subject Papiyana to an organisational disciplinary process.

Papiyana’s request to be given three months leave from organisational and municipal council duties to “deal with his personal challenges” was also accepted.

“The African National Congress further calls on the Chris Hani District Municipality to process his resignation as a matter of urgency.”

Sizani said the ANC unequivocally supports the lockdown, which was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We remain appreciative and acknowledge the strides and endeavours made by our government to reduce the spread of this catastrophic disease.

“It is precisely for this reason that the African National Congress will continue to condemn without fear or favour any conduct which seems to undermine the Covid-19 regulations, even if such transgressions are from those held in high regard by the society.

“The organisation once more wishes to extend its sincerest apologies to the people of the Chris Hani region for the alleged conduct displayed by its deployee and by extension the regional leader.”

Sizani called on the citizens of the district to “obey and observe” the lockdown regulations.

“In instances where we come across law enforcement, it is our humble plea that people should cooperate and comply.”


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