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China setting up a super regulator for telecoms, media


The Chinese Government is fast tracking a 5G rollout nationwide and this network will be integrated into the country’s media system.

An internal document published by DVBCN says the first order of business is to create a new top-tier media and telecommunications regulator and overseer.

‘The One Network’, as it is being called, will have power over all the other networks. This new entity is slated for listing in June 2020 – next month.

In China all media is state-owned or managed, to a degree. Regulatory and propaganda organs manage a noodle soup of outlets on the Internet, TV, and Chinese versions of Twitter.

The mobile sector is also huge. 5G represents an opportunity for these two sectors to come together as one. With companies such as Alibaba joining and Huawei providing equipment the One Network looks like it will become a major player in China and abroad.

This long-planned “National One Network” will be a listed company controlled by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), and the General Administration of China Radio and Television (

Government officials have established a head office and 21 provincial level offices. They expect the new entity to bring “qualitative change” to the whole network integration process.

Besides the traditional business of radio and television, IPTV, OTT TV and other network audiovisual technologies will fall under its remit. The important area of “national information infrastructure” and “public cultural service facilities” will also be incorporated in this process.


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